Last Spartan Standing 1

Halo Infinite's second season of content is here and with it comes the all-new Last Spartan Standing game mode. Exciting! Let's jump in and take a look at this new addition to the game's excellent multiplayer component.

Last Spartan Standing Game Rules

We've managed to get a few hours in on the 12-player Last Spartan Standing since it dropped and we're pretty impressed so far. It's got slight Battle Royale-lite elements to it with its encroaching danger zone and every spartan fighting for themselves to become the last standing with just five lives to spare, and it also feels a little like Call of Duty's Gun Game mode in how its player loadouts upgrade when they get kills, kill assists or collect eliminated players' AI.

When an enemy's AI is available for collection, a Bonus XP waypoint appears onscreen for all players in the match and nabbing AI awards more Personal Score than any other action in the game mode.

The levels of weapon loadout that you'll upgrade through as you blast opponents is as follows:

  • Level 1: Disruptor and Sidekick pistol
  • Level 2: Mangler and Disruptor
  • Level 3: Assault Rifle and Mangler
  • Level 4: Commando Rifle and Assault Rifle
  • Level 5: Bulldog Shotgun and Commando Rifle
  • Level 6: Battle Rifle and Bulldog Shotgun

Alongside your upgradeable weapons loadout, you'll also find grenades, shields, cloaks and more scattered around the arena to help swing battles in your favour.

Further to all of the above, the game's Danger Zone will begin closing in on the map once five minutes have passed or when all players are finally out of respawns. Staying in the Danger Zone will damage players, so it's important to keep moving towards the centre of the Zone.

A round of Last Spartan Standing will end when all enemies are out of respawns and one Spartan is left standing. Players who have used all five of their respawns before the match ends are able to leave the session without penalty or continue spectating the match.

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Last Spartan Standing Beginner's Tactics

It's early doors so far and so this mode's meta hasn't quite settled into place yet, but we've been having some success in Last Spartan Standing by remaining fairly sneaky and conservative in the opening few minutes of a round. You'll want to get a kill or two in and upgrade from your starter weapons before you think about going in all guns blazing. It's also essential in these early moments to grab yourself some grenades in order to bolster your limited offensive options starting out.

Once you've got yourself a few kills and upgraded a level or two, you can start to venture out in search of targets or get yourself upgraded into the longer-range weapons like the Battle Rifle to start picking off those silly enough to venture into the open areas of the map where they're sitting ducks.

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Grabbing some active camo or an overshield is a great boon here and we also find that players will zero in on eliminated player AI drops which are highlighted onscreen when they appear, so make sure to watch for these and either get in carefully for the AI rewards - mind that it takes a while to upload so you're vulnerable - or wait for others to go for the pickup and drop them for points. Note we've also found quite a few folk hanging out in stealth camo around these spots, so watch your back Spartan!

Have you been playing Last Spartan Standing yet? How are you finding the new mode and map? Let us know in the comments and have fun!