Halo Infinite Season 2 Launch Date

Halo Infinite's second season of content, Lone Wolves, is up and running and it arrives bearing a ton of new cosmetics and unlockables for you to work towards earning through its shiny new battle pass.

Of course, one of the most sought after items here will, as usual, be new armor cores and in this regard you've got the very stylish Rakshasa core waiting for you to nab. But how exactly do you get your hands on this lovely bit of kit?

Well, unlike the Eaglestrike armor core, which you'll need to wait until May 24th to start grinding for, the Rakshasa armor is available right now and all you need to do is ensure you equip the Lone Wolves battle pass in-game and work through the game's multiplayer challenges until you hit tier 6. Once you've levelled up to tier 6 you'll automatically unlock Rakshasa and can get busy tuning your colours to your liking. Oh, yes, that looks very nice. Suits you!

Have you been busy working through Halo Infinite's new season of content yet? Let us know below!