Halo Infinite's second season of content brings with it lots of new maps and modes alongside a ton of goodies to collect as part of its 100 tier Battle Pass and various in-game events. It also sees a new armor core arrive in the form of the Eaglestrike set.

Let's take a look at what you'll need to do in order to get your hands on this delightfully stylish bit of kit.


An example of the EAGLESTRIKE armor core.

The Eaglestrike armor core is the second "canon-adjacent" Fracture armor core available to players in Halo Infinite, according to the game's official website. But what on earth does this mean?

Well, in short, it means you'll be able to nab the armor as a free unlock in the Event Pass for Season 2’s Fracture: Entrenched Event, which kicks off on May 24th!

Yep, on the plus side it's free, but on the downside you're gonna have to hold your horses just a little, as the Entrenched event is yet to kick off. Once it launches you'll be able to jump in and get busy earning this fresh bit of gear which is available to both premium and free Battle Pass owners.

Will you be grabbing when the Eaglestrike armor core once the Entrenched event launches later this month? Let us know below!