'Game Not Compatible With Console' Xbox Error, How To Fix

If you're faced with error code 0x87e10007 on your Xbox Series X or S, it means that the game or app you're attempting to use isn't compatible with your current-gen console.

Microsoft has done a fantastic job of providing backwards compatibility for a ton of older games from the original Xbox and 360 eras, as well as ensuring most Xbox One games work or can even be upgraded to current-gen through Smart Delivery.

However, sometimes you're going to stumble upon a game that sadly isn't supported, resulting in the "Game Not Compatible With Console" message appearing. In order to resolve this issue it's best to check whether the game you're attempting to play is included via backwards compatibility, which you can do so by checking out the Xbox Backward Compatible Games Library. Here you'll find a full listing of all currently compatible Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.

You can also head to this support page to check out some further information with regards to playing older games on your Series X|S, excluded apps and titles, how to play original Xbox games on a 360 and a few other handy tidbits.

Have you been faced with error code 0x87e10007 on your current-gen console? Got any tips for fixing this or other errors you've experienced? Let us know in the comments.

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