You've been playing Diablo 4 for hours (if not days on end) now, and you're tired of walking to your next new location. Don't worry, because you can always call on a mount. So, when do you get your mount, and how exactly do you go about it?

Read our guide below for the full rundown:

When do you get your mount in Diablo 4?

The first mount in Diablo 4 can only be acquired by completing a specific quest in the game. The quest you'll need to work your way up to is "Donan's Favor". The catch is, it's found early on in Act 4, so it might take a while to get to. Fortunately, you can't miss it, because it's associated with the main game's story.

How do I get my mount?

To get your mount, you must head to the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad and chat with Donan after talking to the stable hand. After a chat with Donan, you'll unlock your first mount in the form of a horse. You then head back to the stable and there you go - that's all that is required!

Diablo 4: When Do You Get Your Mount? 4
Image: Pure Xbox / Blizzard

How do I use my mount?

You can summon your mount with the right D-Pad arrow and even pull off a handful of moves in battle with it - such as the right trigger for a burst of speed to pass through enemies. Your mounts are also available to all your characters on your account, and can be customised with different saddles and more.

One other thing to know is that your mount can be scared around too many monsters and if its bar fills up, you'll be knocked off.

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Image: Pure Xbox / Blizzard

While the process of getting a mount isn't too hard, again - it's mostly just getting up to the fourth Act in the game that can take some time. So you'll just have to get grinding!