Threes! (Xbox One)


Xbox One
Hidden Variable Studios


Game Rating

User Ratings: 1

Our Review: 8/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Puzzle, Relaxation
Release Date

Xbox Live

  • US 5th Dec 2014
  • EU 5th Dec 2014

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Threes! Screenshot
Threes! Screenshot
Threes! Screenshot


  • Review Threes! (Xbox One)

    3+3=6, 6+6=12

    Threes! may not look like much at first sight, but it's actually one of the more potent, more addictive games for tablets and smartphones that's now been ported to Xbox One. The concept is simple — you basically make big numbers by adding up smaller numbers; 3+3 makes 6 and so it goes. The game is based around a board consisting of...

About The Game

Threes is a tiny puzzle that grows on you. Explore our little game’s deep challenge and grow your mind beyond imagination. Endless challenge from one simple game mode. An endearing cast of characters. A heart-warming soundtrack. Threes! is also one of the first games that can be played in Snap Mode! Try it out! Designed by Asher Vollmer (Puzzlejuice, Close Castles), Illustrated by Greg Wohlwend (Puzzlejuice, Ridiculous Fishing, Hundreds), Scored by Jimmy Hinson (Puzzlejuice, Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 2), Xbox One version by Hidden Variable (Bag It!, Tic Tactics). Threes grows with you and you’ll grow with Threes.