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  • News Planetside 2 Will Come to Xbox... Eventually

    First PS4, then Xbox One...

    Looks like Planetside 2 will be coming to Xbox One after all, but it may take a while. In an interview with Polygon, Andy Sites - Director of Development at Daybreak Games - was asked what was next for Planetside 2 and whether or not we will see the game brought to Xbox One. "Right now, our focus is PS4, but we're...

  • News DC Universe Online, Planetside 2 and H1Z1 Coming To Xbox?

    Has Sony inadvertently done Xbox a favor?

    Based on recent reports, it's possible that DC Universe Online, H1Z1 and even Planetside 2 could be coming to Xbox platforms. Yesterday, our friends over at Push Square reported that Sony had sold SOE (Sony Online Entertainment), one of its main internal development studios, to the investment company...


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