Laserlife (Xbox One)


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User Ratings: 1

Our Review: 4/10


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Single Player
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Xbox Live

  • US 14th Oct 2015
  • EU 14th Oct 2015

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Laserlife Screenshot
Laserlife Screenshot
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  • Review Laserlife (Xbox One)

    Bit tripped

    When the developers of the excellent BIT.TRIP games announce that they're releasing a rhythm action adventure, that's enough of a reason for people to stop and take notice. When that very game looks to be shaping up to be a cross between Rez and Child of Eden, you throw out your work for the week of release because you're relatively sure...

About The Game

Do our memories die with us, or do they live on somewhere, waiting to be discovered?

Somewhere in the cosmos, the body of a long dead astronaut floats alone through space. A strange presence with the power to rebuild memories and relive lives attempts to stitch together a human's past.

Discover the experiences of a human life in this story of first contact. Navigate time and space through collecting memory molecules, merging the molecules to build memories, then energizing the astronaut with the completed memories to rebuild its past.