Number of Players
Release Date

Xbox Live

  • US 5th Feb 2016
  • EU 5th Feb 2016


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About The Game

Dad Beat Dads is a fast-paced, local multiplayer brawler for up to 4 players. Dad Beat Dads also has the latest in Robo-Dad technology, so you can ditch your friends and play against the computer. 3 different game modes keep the gameplay fun and challenging. Which one will be your favourite?

Smash N' Grab: Punch other papas and steal their babies, while protecting your own little one. It's pan-dad-omnium!

Diaper Sniper: A little something like dodge ball. Eliminate other dads by beaning them with the Diaper Brick. The action's so crazy, you'll be hitting bricks. Last Dad standing, wins!

Corporate Ladder: Flip the fun vertically. Reach for the stars and collect your riches while fending off other dads. Fall behind and you're toast.