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Xbox 360

  • EU 25th Nov 2011
  • US 25th Oct 2011
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    More of a "pop" than an explosion

    Motion Explosion is a tough nut to crack. At first glance it seems like nothing more than another simple minigame compilation, and a sloppy one at that. It’s only after really looking at how the game presents itself and what it asks of you that you truly realise what game Majesco actually made. Motion Explosion...

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About The Game

This colorful and energetic family-friendly game is exploding with electrifying mini-games that keep your entire body moving fast — ducking, dodging, catching and balancing whatever might be thrown at you!

From juggling soccer balls to dodging blocks to controlling robots to hacky sacking, Motion Explosion's 12 games pack in ten levels each, mixing it up along the way with additional gameplay elements like inverse controls, faster pace and new tricks to make you think quick on your feet and keep your body moving!


Use your hands, legs, elbows, knees, feet, and even your head, to play 12 different games that will challenge your reflexes, timing and coordination, such as "Heavily Armed" (see how many falling blocks you can stack up and keep balanced while avoiding bombs), "Dodge Ball" (dodge balls thrown at you by robot opponents and hit them back to knock them out), "Sack Hack" (keep multiple objects in the air using every limb) and much more!
Swat, dodge, jump, duck, kick, lean, juggle, pump, steer, crank, toss, balance - use your body to earn high scores and unlock new games
Easy to play, difficult to master - 10 progressively more challenging levels within each game
Gameplay ranges from simple to incredibly tricky with alternative control schemes, camera perspectives, multiple objects, faster pace and much more designed to get you out of your comfort zone and challenge your coordination and reflexes
Invite friends and family to the ultimate Motion Explosion party right in your living room with turn-based competitive gameplay (supports 2-4 players)
Track your stats across each game and watch as all your skills improve with practice