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Xbox 360

  • US 7th Nov 2011
  • EU 25th Nov 2011
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    Let's not

    2K Play's Let's Cheer! isn't the first cheerleading game in the world — there was We Cheer on Wii a few years back, for instance — but it is the first that doesn't need anything in your hand to get you into the game. Is that enough to make it worth a purchase, though? As you'd expect from a game based on pep, everything is bright and...

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Let's Cheer! Screenshot
Let's Cheer! Screenshot
Let's Cheer! Screenshot
Let's Cheer! Screenshot

About The Game

Three loud cheers are in order as 2K Play introduces the sport of Cheerleading to Kinect for Xbox 360.

Cheer enthusiasts will learn to master moves like the High V and jumps such as the Toe Touch, resulting in a controller-free, full-body cheerleading experience. Whether cheering on the field of a varsity football game or dancing their hearts out in a national cheerleading competition, players will be challenged to keep the beat, break a sweat and start earning spirit stars!

Game Features:

Learn real world cheers and competitive routines choreographed and motion captured by professional cheerleaders.

Master basic cheerleading motions like the High V, Broken T, or Right Punch to more advanced, combination moves including the Blade Cap and Touchdown Sway.

Show off your skills with controller-free, full body cheerleading jumps like the Toe Touch, Double Hook and Herkie.

Perform, compete and get your heart pumping to iconic, licensed cheerleading songs and popular cheer dance hits.

Cheer voice recognition technology rates your spirit level and makes sure you stay on count. Earn spirit stars to rank-up, unlock new routines and advance all the way to Nationals.

Multi-player mode encourages friendly competition and team work.