Also Known As
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Number of Players
Release Date

Xbox 360

  • US 5th Apr 2011
  • EU 8th Apr 2011
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    All the fun of the fair

    Kinect's already got a reputation for being home to some awful minigame compilations, with dross like Game Party in Motion and Deca Sports Freedom like a lead weight on the overall quality of the sensor's gaming catalogue. You'd be forgiven, then, for expecting Carnival Games: In Action (also known as Carnival Games: Monkey...

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Carnival Games - In Action! Screenshot
Carnival Games - In Action! Screenshot
Carnival Games - In Action! Screenshot

About The Game

If family fun is for you then step right INTO Carnival Games® – In Action!

Enjoy 20 exciting games and attractions designed exclusively for Kinect for Xbox 360®. Bring the controller-free, full-body experience to life as you take a dip in the Shark Tank, go for a raucous ride on Gold Rush Mountain, have a Cotton-Eyed Joe dance-off with the Monkey Barker and more! Voice recognition technology allows The Amazing Wodin, a wily wizard, to reveal your future, tell you a riddle or two and present you with a personal wizard name.


Midway favorites including Ring Fling, Funnel Cake Falls, Rocket to Mars, Crash-Test Dummy, Pop Darts, Ring Fling, Shark Tank, The Amazing Wodin, Monkey See Monkey Do, Stretch, Hot Air Balloon Race, Knockout Punch, Granny Shot and more!
Plus, boardwalk classics like Alley Ball, Strength Test, Court King, Golden Arm and Wheel of Chance!
Over 40 pets and costumes include dragons, robot cowboys, flying bears, ninjas and wacky wearables to dress up your Xbox Live Avatar.
For fun-seekers of all ages and skills, it's a perfect family game!