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So I had got this Xbox one s from a friend which I got a large discount off because he told me it had some power problems but it was still working. I got it and everything was going good until I went over a cousin house and I brought my Xbox, when I tried plugging it in and turning it on it was turning on then off instantly and I could hear like a little noise when I turned it on which was odd because I never heard it. It was like a little pop noise. But then like I waited for a few hours and it turned on! So this was almost two months ago now a few weeks ago I tried turning on my Xbox to listen to music and it was doing the same thing so I thought since my Xbox turned on after a few hours over my cousin house it was going to do the same but it did not, and it’s been weeks since my Xbox has been able to turn on. I tried going in it and just cleaning it and maybe that was the reason but it wasn’t and I hear this like vibrating noise in the power supply i don’t know if that’s a common occurrence or not but I just really don’t know what’s wrong with it, anyone have any idea what could be happening because I don’t know. Everytime I try turning on the light comes on for probably two seconds and turns off . I been looking everywhere for help. Any type of advice would be helpful!



@Nonsense Sounds like hardware failure. Something is failing, and it probably needs fixing or replacing - not something cleaning can solve.

When a cooling fan dies, the computer senses that just after you turn power on, and to protect itself from overheating, it shuts down automatically.(that's just an example) I think power supply & fan are common things that may create the issue you have - the console shuts down right after you turn the power on. You could try searching for a retro gaming store in your area, and see if they offer console repair, and have them take a look at it.

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@Nonsense Definitely sounds like a PSU hardware failure, although depending on how big a discount you got from your friend I'm not sure it's going to be worth the cost of getting someone to repair it - power supply for a One S is probably around $30US (assuming it hasn't damaged anything else when it died) so likely double that by the time you pay someone to do it.

If you're confident enough to replace it yourself I'd give it a go as it's likely just a few mounting screws and a connector to the motherboard - worst case it still doesn't work and you can re-sell the PSU and stick the console on eBay as 'spares or repair' and try and recoup some of your cash.

Also, don't give friends money for stuff that doesn't work 😛


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