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Need help please on my X series with MW3. All MW3 game modes, including multiplayer are greyed out on my account. If I attempt to select, it says purchase MW3 to play this game mode. I have played MW3 previously with no issues. I had a few months break. After I came back, I did a 20gb update and now when signed in the Xbox does not recognise that I own the game. I know I own the game. I can see that I own it in 'my game and apps' and in the Microsoft store. You own this game (Cross Gen Edition) - launch. I called Xbox support. He had me do a console reset. I resigned in and re-accepted licenses. Same problem. He then had me uninstall the whole game and reinstall. I re-accepted the licenses again- same problem. MW2 and MW seem to be fine, it’s just with MW3. I don't know what else to do. HELP!



Best bet is keep calling Microsoft they are the only ones that can really help. They can even look it up and see that you own it and fix it that way.

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