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I’m super bored, so I thought I’d make another forum. Basically, what game(s) have you played that has a storyline with moments that are bizarre and entertaining from start to finish? You can discuss the stories for the games you list, but if you are going to mention spoilers or the endings that pertain to them, please talk around it or place spoiler tags! You can also talk about games that are not on Xbox consoles if you’d like.

I always bring this game up ALL the time wherever I go on this site because of how big of a hyperfixation I have for it, but the game I have played that so far has a weird but entertaining plot is Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Some of the stuff I talk about isn’t really spoilers, but I’m still going to use spoiler tags in case! I think this game is best experienced if you go in blind or have little knowledge about it.

The premise of the game goes like this; a red squirrel parties all night at a bar and gets a hangover from binge drinking, resulting in him getting lost by going the wrong way, with his goal being to get back to his home and girlfriend. Meanwhile, the king of the land he is in has broken his coffee table, and he can’t drink his glass of milk without having it spill. Instead of buying a new one or simply holding the milk glass, he has his guards search for an (oddly specific) red squirrel to replace the broken leg, per a recommendation his genius professor gave him. Seems pretty basic, doesn’t it? Maybe a little silly regarding the coffee table leg, but nothing too crazy, right?

Well, the rest of the game’s storyline is WAY more bizarre than the premise, and a lot of events of happen, some more weirder than others. For example, in only just the first chapter, you help a queen bee get back her hive from wasps, with the hive turning out to also be a turret that she uses to kill the wasps, and after that you help her disgraced husband advance in his romantic affairs with a particularly interesting sunflower, feed a mouse so much cheese that it makes him gassy and culminates in him blowing up so you can get a metal box off another metal box, and you then get help from a pitchfork in fighting against a robot that is basically the Terminator but disguised as a bale of hay. A ton of other random events happen after that, like you fighting a pile of poo that opera sings while trying to kill you, fending off against a group of imps by peeing, meeting your undead vampire ancestor that turns you into a bat and then accidentally killing the guy from over feeding him blood, riding a dino that bites hunks of flesh off a giant caveman’s rear end so he can’t put his loincloth back on, getting drafted in a total war against evil teddy bears located on a Normandy-like beach, rob a bank Matrix-style, and finally in the last chapter the game breaks from being untested, and by blackmailing the game developers, you kill a rip-off Xenomorph that bursted out of the king’s chest, which ultimately results in you being crowned the new king.

It’s pretty much a random event plot, but I love it so much from how unique and interesting it is, not to mention it works well because of the game’s juvenile and raunchy tone; it’s not trying to be taken seriously most of the time, and it is aware of how silly it is. There are way more weirder moments in the game, but I think you get the idea. It’s just me, but I honestly wish there were more modern games with storylines on the same level of insane like the one in Bad Fur Day. Stuff like that pretty much keeps me entertained from starting the game all the way to finishing it from how many unexpected changes the story takes during its duration!

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OK so there's nothing quite like Conker. So I'm going to shout out a few games.

1) The Inner world, an old school point and click game which is hilarious. And I mean, as someone who barely raises an eyebrow gaming, literally belly laughing. I put playing the inner world off for years due to mixed reviews. But for me, the developers have the humour down. It's not juvenile, crude or filled with innuendo. It's simply funny. It also features a brilliant hint system for when you get stuck.

2) Immortality, similar feels to the inner world but for a different reason. I don't scare easy. But I had to stop playing immortality due to genuinely feeling scared. As a big fan of Her story and Telling Lies (the earlier 2 Sam Barlow games) I went in blind. Playing the game in a similar fashion. Around 80 minutes in I stumbled on a weird out of place clip, wound it back super slow then it clicked into focus. From trying to order the clips and uncover them all, I was totally taken in to the performances and tentively uncovering the scary scenes. I thought about the game going to work, during my lunch etc. Masterful stuff. It's a pity towards the back end I had 10 or so scenes I couldn't find for the life of me.

Road 96, absolutely mad game about kids trying to escape over the border from an oppressive regime. It's randomly generated to a degree and short, however bumping into one particular psychopath, leaves its mark. Great writing and performance.

Inside, if you haven't played this game. You owe it to yourself. Then once you have finished, feel free to fall down the rabbit hole of what it all means. The story is all told through the artwork and scenery. Give it a go.

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This is definitely RDR 2, the most cinematic and touching game that has just been released.



Fahrenheit indigo prophecy bizarre odd

loved it


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