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I am watching cs2 major. I've been following cyber sports in this game for a long time. I'm rooting for Navi here's their standings .

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Dang, I have read several of the last few pages and I have never heard of more than three of these shows.

We don't "binge" per se because there is just so much to watch.

But I will tell you what we like. Boston legal, breaking bad, House of Cards, Modern Family and the absolute best and funniest series ever!

The sopranos! Funniest damn show ever! A friend told us about it many moons ago, but then it was not on HBO anymore. So we got the first season off of Amazon.

Watched the entire season, then bought season 2. We watched season 1 over again then watched season 2. Then we bought season 3, watched one and two again, and on and on we went.

However, we never watched the last episode until it's anniversary, June 10th 2017.

If I had to guess, I would say we have watch the entire season at least a dozen times.



i have alot of stuff to watch on Disneyplus and Netflix and Tubi

Netflix I still need to watch the final chapter/season of Disenchantment and the new Castlevania and finish up on season 5 of Naruto

then on Disneyplus I still have alot of the Marvel movies to watch along with the old 1980s Spider-Man and friendfs cartoon and the 1990s Incredible Hulk show along with the movies Cheetah, Luca and Ron Gone Wrong



Just finished Fallout. Absoluley incredible. I will definately watch again.

Also wathing weekly releases of Shogun. I tell you what Shogun and Fallout have entered the Game Of Thrones tier for me.

Besides that just wathgfing random episodes on Friends and South Park when not gaming.

Finished The Gentlemen and Blue Eye Samurai on Netflix recently.

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I just finished Fallout as well. Now I'm watching Star Trek Discovery and Dead to Me.



watching some stuff for the rest of this month

DVD, Blu ray
-Bubba Ho Tep

-The Bronze movie
-Vampire Lovers. an old flick from that Jess Franco from the 1970s

-Suspiria remake but might wait to watch it in May



I haven’t really watched anything recently, but I did watch a few animes earlier in the year. I have a bunch of other shows on my watchlist that I still haven’t gotten into.

If anime does count, I watched the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen back in January. I had heard of the manga and anime for years, but I knew little about it and initially didn’t have an interest in it. I gave it a try and I really liked it!

It had plenty of likable characters, great action, emotional scenes, and hilarious moments too; I can remember that at the end of nearly every episode, there were these segments called “Juju Sanpo” which were small comedy bits and random moments unrelated to the episode they were in, and they were one of my favorites by far. And, what’s really cool is, one of those segments actually featured a recipe on how to make seafood ramen using a cup of dry instant noodles and milk!

The music was also my favorite as well, namely the opening and ending songs. If I recall, there were a total of two opening songs and two ending songs, which changed depending on the episode cour. While I did think they were all great, the OP and ED used in the first cour were the best in my opinion, the ED especially; the sketchy animation paired with the jazzy beat and singing of the song work so well! I love art and animation a lot, so of course I liked it a lot.

Pretty good show in my opinion. The manga the show is based on is farther into the story than the anime, and they did release a second season last year, but I haven’t gotten onto that yet, mostly because I put a bunch of other shorter anime on my watchlist that I have either started but haven’t gotten far into, or haven’t even tried watching.

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Viva happy!

Help me, ERINNNNNN!! is a bop!

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Just finished this series called Red Eye on ITV X in the UK if you have it, I enjoyed it and well worth a watch.



Been going through The Sopranos. Currently at the last part of the 6th (and final) season. Best TV series I've ever seen, and I can totally understand why it has been heralded as such.



I just watched John Wick 1-4 pretty awesome!
Also did a Nolan movie run through have to say Interstellar is one of the best movies i have seen.


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