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Just watched Detective Pikachu with the fam this weekend and gotta say i enjoyed it. Never thought o would have bit it was great. I think watching movies/playing games without any expectations before hand definitely results in a much better experience


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Black Cauldron isnt the only horror movie that Disney took a risk on

Watcher in the Woods and Something Wicked This Way Comes they were and still are pretty scary.

and I still love Black Cauldron. Yeah Disney thinks that movie is a flop or whatever but the movie has fans + cult following yada yada.

Disney is just too chicken ***** anyway to try to dabble in more horror



the Blue Lagoon (Amazon Prime Video) - Set during the 1800's it follows a pair of kids who survive a shipwreck (initially with the help of a salty old sailor called Patty), and must learn the realities of life & love by themselves as they grow up on the island.

I remember liking it when I was around 12-14 (probably because of all the nudity), but going back to it now it's a dreadfully dull film (especially post-Patty). Pretty shots of wildlife, though.

Bumblebee (Amazon Prime Video) - Prequel of the Transformers films that follows the titular Autobot as he first arrives on Earth, and with the help of a human teenager protects the planet (and the future of his own race) from Decepticon invasion.

Pretty standard popcorn flick. All the 80's music is great, but overall I'd peg it about the same quality as all the other Transformers movies (though I had no particular attachment to the franchise as a kid, so keep that in mind).

A Goofy Movie (Disney+) - Feeling his teenage son Max is pulling away from him, Goofy decides to drag him along for a cross country fishing trip (a family tradition), but Max has different ideas for their destination as he lies about the nature of the trip in an effort to salvage a fledgeling relashonship with the girl he likes.

I always caught the sequel to this, An Extremely Goofy Movie, as a kid & always wanted to see the original but never found it on. I'm glad I was finally able to see it, as while it's probably just because it tugged at all the right nostalgia strings (our own family used to take annual summer fishing trips), I really found myself connecting with & enjoying it.

Gunbuster (HiDive via VRV) - A condensed film version of the classic anime OVA series from the creator of Evangelion that follows a young teenage girl who goes from bumbling recruit to a key figure in defending humanity from an alien threat.

Animation is absolutely fantastic & there's definitely strong story & themes behind it (I liked the consequences of the flow of time being different for space travellers, so her friends back on Earth became middle aged while only a few months passed for her), however it feels supremely rushed as you can tell tons have been chopped out in order to fit it in movie form (unfortunately this seems to be the only version legally available to stream or buy in the US), and for some reason the subtitles cut out during the last 10 minutes which was infuriating (even after backing out & trying to restart, they keep cutting out at the exact same spot).

Star Wars Episode 1: the Phantom Menace (Disney+) - the first of the prequel films which follows how a young Anakin Skywalker first got involved in the struggles of a galaxy far, far away.

I won't have much to say on it since I believe I did a big write up on it last year when I watched it, but it's one of the first movies I remember going to the theater to see, so it'll always hold a special place for me despite it's flaws.

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