Topic: If you were a PS owner before Xbox, vice-or-versa, why did you switch?

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Went from 360 to PS4 after MS botched the launch of the XB1 and because of Bloodborne. Wound up barely playing the PS4, my Wii U got much more use. Was debating on PS5 vs Series X at the start of the gen, chose Series X due to the following reasons:

-Superior hardware
-Game Pass/Backwards compatibility

  • Easier to expand storage
  • Superior controller

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I weren't a PS owner, I am a PS owner. But I got Xbox 360 console during 7th generation as my second console. I nether was interested in other Xbox consoles, cause I can play all their games on PS and PC. Maybe I interested in Xbox Original a little, but still not sure about it.

I hear ZOV.

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