As we move into 2023 and the console stock situation continues to improve globally, current generation machines are now pretty easy to pick up (finally). We're now expecting most of you fine folk to own either an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S, which means you've got plenty of games to be playing right now!

If you happen to be a pretty recent owner, you might be looking for a short and sweet games list, detailing some must-play Xbox Series X|S titles. Well, we've got you covered! Our new video producer Craig has highlighted six essential Xbox games to be playing right now on your shiny new Xbox console.

The vast majority of these titles are also included in Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's subscription service that continues to grow as the months go by. If you've just picked up a new Xbox system, Game Pass is definitely the way to go!

Do you agree with Craig's 'essentials' list? Any other games you'd include? Let us know down below.