Talking Point: What's On Your Forza Horizon 5 Number Plate?

You know what we really wanted to pick for our number plate in Forza Horizon 5? I.P. Freely. Yeah, we're immature like that (and big Simpsons fans). But it turns out, Playground Games actually classes that as "inappropriate content".


Ultimately, we're sticking with something more brand-appropriate and just choosing "Pure Xbox" for the time being. But what about you? There are loads of creative number plates we've seen floating around social media over the past week, and many people also understandably decide to pick their last name, a pet's name, or something along those lines.

And some.... some are just downright silly.

So, we're intrigued! What did you put on your Forza Horizon 5 number plate? Let us know down in the comments.