Talking Point: What Kind Of Review Scores Do You Think Sonic Frontiers Will Get?

It might not seem like it, but we're just a few days away from the release of Sonic Frontiers on Xbox (and every other platform!). The game arrives on November 8th, and we're very interested to see how it fares with players and critics.

There's definitely been a fair bit of scepticism surrounding the various footage that we've seen of Sonic Frontiers so far, but we've also seen some hands-on previews that have had good things to say about the game, so we're cautiously optimistic that this could end up being one of the best Sonic 3D games in a long time.

We're hoping to provide a review of Sonic Frontiers in the near future, but ahead of its release, we're interested to know what kind of scores you think the game will be getting at launch. Could this be a top-tier Sonic experience, will it be a major flop and bring back memories of the 2006 reboot, or will it be somewhere in-between?

Let us know what scores you think Sonic Frontiers will be getting in the poll and comments below.

What Review Scores Will Sonic Frontiers Get?