Following the first reveal of Sonic Frontiers gameplay last week, many Sonic fans were quick to show concern for the title, with one of the common worries being that it seemed to feature a very empty open world with little to do.

Now, IGN has had a chance to go hands-on with Sonic Frontiers for four hours, and the verdict is that despite some concerns, they think it's an "exciting new step forward for the Sonic series into uncharted territory".

Here's how they summed up the game in their preview earlier today:

"Based on my time with it, Sonic Team seems to have hit upon a winning formula. There’s certainly still work to be done before it’s released during the holiday season: There’s a lot of distracting pop-in, there’s a fair amount of bugs still left to be squashed, and the big boss fights could do with some tweaking, but ultimately my time with this early build answered the one question that I had on my mind: Will Sonic’s one-of-a-kind gameplay translate into an open world? The answer is a resounding 'Absolutely'."

You can check out a lot of the gameplay in the video preview above, which is also from IGN.

Sonic Frontiers is currently scheduled to arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S at some point later this year, and we'll presumably be finding out a release date over the next few weeks.

How are you feeling about Sonic Frontiers right now? Let us know down in the comments and poll below.

How Are You Feeling About Sonic Frontiers?