Talking Point: What Do You Expect To See From Microsoft's Update On The Future Of Xbox?

So, the next thing doing the rounds in this whole 'future of Xbox' saga is a vague comment from The Verge's Tom Warren - a comment that is eliciting some knee-jerk reactions to say the least. Basically, Tom believes that much of Team Xbox doesn't really know what's going to happen at Microsoft's 'Business Update Event', which has us very curious about next week's big get-together.

Look, okay, we're making light of the situation of course, but we're doing our very best to not jump to conclusions here. Phil Spencer has let the Xbox community know that the team will lay out their "vision for the future of Xbox" next week, and we'll wait for that moment to even think about throwing any arms up in the air.

We've seen a whole range of reactions to this developing situation in the last day or two — as we're sure you have as well — but we do want to know what the PX community is expecting from this 'event'. Are you anticipating good or bad news? Do you think Xbox will have a definitive answer on the situation or will things continue to be vague for a while?

Given that Phil & co. haven't taken to the internet to outright deny all the rumours, we're expecting at least something that will alter Xbox's course in the coming years. As for an entire change of plan that'll 'end' Xbox as we know it? We're not quite sure on that one - we think much of what Xbox has been building in recent years will continue as-is!

So, what are you thinking after a couple of days to mull over all the rumours and speculation? What do you think we'll actually see from this Microsoft update? Stay civil and discuss with the PX community down below!