Talking Point: What Are Your Gaming Resolutions For 2024?

To be honest, 2024 doesn't really feel like it's begun yet - we're still feeling the hangover of Christmas and New Year! Week 1 definitely wasn't the best for getting our resolutions in order... but we can always start with Week 2 instead!

So, inspired by a recent discussion over at our sister site Push Square, we thought we'd ask you what your personal gaming resolutions are for this year. Perhaps you want to dig into your backlog more instead of always buying and/or downloading the latest titles? How about finishing more games? Is there a type of genre you want to explore?

Personally, it's all about the backlog and trying to finish some amazing games from years past that I've neglected for one reason or another. That said, I've also got Baldur's Gate 3 on my list as something I really want to complete over the next few months - that's locked in as my main gaming resolution for the early part of 2024!

How about you? We'd love to hear your gaming resolutions for 2024 down in the comments section below.

If there are any specific games you're hoping to complete this year, let us know those as well...