Talking Point: What Are Some Of Your Favourite Horror Games On Xbox?

Well, after a fair few months of anticipation, the atmospheric horror adventure that is Scorn has finally arrived on Xbox Game Pass. While the reception so far has been mixed to say the least, we enjoyed our time with Ebb Software's title, especially when it comes to the spooky scary squelchy bits that are arguably the most important in a game of this nature.

Scorn's Xbox Game Pass arrival, just ahead of Halloween might we add, has also got us thinking about some of the horror greats to have graced Xbox in recent years. The genre has seen a bit of a resurgence as of late, and we'd like to highlight some of our favourites over the last few years, along with hearing about some of your top horror titles of course - from any era!

First up, let's talk Resident Evil. This writer was never a huge fan of the series back in the day, especially when anything involved 'tank controls', as the kids say. However, we'd like to report that has been more than rectified in recent years! Resident Evil 7 marked a massive comeback story for Capcom's blockbuster franchise, which has only gone from strength to strength in the years since. Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of the finest horror games of the last decade we'd argue, and both RE3 and Village aren't too shabby either. Long live Resident Evil's return to form!

Resident Evil 2 Xbox One

Branching off Resident Evil here, we can't forget about The Evil Within series. Tango's two last-gen horror titles are bloody brilliant and downright weird, especially the first game, which could have only come from the mind of Shinji Mikami; the creator of Resident Evil. Its sequel, The Evil Within 2, is also a great horror romp, backed up by more solid foundations on a technical level, making it the more fun entry to actually play through in 2022. We're very much looking forward to what's next for this team, especially as it's now an Xbox first-party developer!

As for some titles that get a little closer to what Scorn is aiming for, we're big fans of developer Bloober Team's output in recent years as well. Both Layers of Fear titles are solidly psychedelic efforts, and along with the team's spooky Blair Witch adaptation and the atmospheric adventure that is The Medium, their track record has been pretty great over the last few years. Bloober has room to improve for sure, but we've enjoyed pretty much everything they've served up so far.

We could reel off a bunch more if we're honest, especially if we start going further back to the Xbox 360 era (Condemned, you the real G), but alas, we'd probably be here all day. We'd like to hear from you guys though, what are some of your favourite Xbox horror adventures of all time? If it's on Xbox, we want to know about it!

Let us know some of your top horror picks down below in the comments.