Talking Point: Do You Own Any Xbox Games That You've Never Played?

Alright, it's confession time! We might eat, sleep and breathe all things Xbox here at Pure Xbox, but each of us on staff have a selection of games that we've bought in the past and somehow never played. We know, it's not a good habit!

Maybe we took advantage of a good sale and just didn't get around to actually playing the game in question. Maybe we bought something just before a whole batch of Xbox Game Pass titles were announced, and the game just got lost in the pile. For loads of reasons, our Xbox backlogs are so big these days, so the mistake is easily made.

For me personally, I've got a copy of Kung Fu Chaos for the original Xbox that I bought all the way back in 2008, and I've never played it. Why? Because I bought it in the hope that it'd be added to Xbox 360's backwards compatibility list, and then the same for Xbox One, and then the same for Xbox Series X and Series S. Never happened!

So, with that said, we're really curious to know which games you've bought for Xbox (if any) that you've just never bothered trying before. We're not counting Games with Gold or any other freebies in this Talking Point — we want to know games you've actually paid money for, that you haven't ended up playing for whatever reason.

Do you own any Xbox games you've never played? Tell us in the comments below.