Talking Point: Do You Make Use Of Cloud Gaming On Xbox Game Pass?

Earlier today, Digital Foundry shared an interesting video regarding cloud gaming - testing out the feature on both Xbox and PlayStation to see how the two offerings compare. While the tech is undoubtedly impressive, what the analysis confirmed to us is that cloud gaming still needs plenty of work.

Our usage of Xbox Cloud Gaming here at the PX office is definitely mixed - some of us dip in every now and then while others have barely used the service. What we can say is that we definitely don't use it much compared to normal, native gaming.

The need for cloud gaming can depend on lots of things. Internet bandwidth caps, storage space issues or even something like frequent travelling can make gaming on the cloud incredibly useful. We've no doubt that it has a space on the Xbox platform.

However, it does feel like it's been 'growing' for years at this point, and not enough people seem super enthused about the experience - at least on Xbox and PlayStation. Digital Foundry's new analysis just adds fuel to that fire, and we're surprised that Xbox hasn't done more to improve the experience given how long it's been talking about xCloud.

How about you, though? Is cloud gaming super important to you, do you hardly use it, or do you lie somewhere in-between? Vote in the polls down below and tell us about your Xbox Cloud Gaming experience down in the comments.

How Much Do You Use Xbox Cloud Gaming? (821 votes)

  1. All the time!16%
  2. Fairly often20%
  3. Every now and then25%
  4. Hardly ever25%
  5. I've never touched Xbox Cloud Gaming!14%

If You've Used xCloud, How Would You Rate Your Experience Out Of 10? (695 votes)

  1. 10/105%
  2. 9/1014%
  3. 8/1025%
  4. 7/1023%
  5. 6/107%
  6. 5/106%
  7. 4/106%
  8. 3/104%
  9. 2/103%
  10. 1/105%