Talking Point: Do You Actively Avoid Xbox Games With Massive Download Sizes?

Since the arrival of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in late 2020, it feels like we've been talking about download sizes a lot more than we used to. A few years ago, it came as a huge surprise if a game surpassed the 100GB mark in terms of its file size, and now it's becoming pretty commonplace for a lot of AAA titles on the market.

And, we'll be honest, we sometimes avoid them simply because of their ridiculous sizes. Xbox Series S owners have to be particularly careful with this, as if they haven't invested in an Expansion Card and they're not lucky enough to have a 1TB version of the console, there's only around 400GB of storage to actually play with.

We talked about this a few weeks ago in a feature about Xbox Series X|S storage limits in 2024, where nearly half of all PX voters told us that their Series X internal storage was full, and 58% said the same for the Series S.

It's not just about storage, either. In this writer's experience, slow download speeds can be an absolute nightmare with 100GB+ games, especially when they're also pumping out big updates on a regular basis. We're certainly getting closer to a world where slow internet speeds aren't a thing anymore, but we're not there yet.

Of course, Xbox Cloud Gaming can reduce the need for massive downloads when you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, but if severely slow downloads are your problem, there's a good chance you can't properly take advantage of xCloud anyway. It's a fantastic option for sure - but only if your internet can handle the load.

Anyway, we're using this opportunity to find out if you actively avoid Xbox games with massive download sizes these days. Sure, you might download the odd 100GB+ game now and again, but otherwise do you try and favour titles with more reasonable file sizes? Let us know in the polls below, and feel free to go into detail in the comments!

Do You Avoid Games With 100GB+ Download Sizes? (874 votes)

  1. All the time! I rarely download 100GB+ games18%
  2. I may get one or two, but otherwise I avoid them27%
  3. I just download what I want to play!42%
  4. I can't install too many of them, but I have a few10%
  5. Most of my games are 100GB+!4%

Do you actively avoid Xbox games with massive download sizes? Come and tell us!