Talking Point: 10 Years On, Have You Ever Played The Elder Scrolls Online?

In some form or another The Elder Scrolls Online has been in the news a fair bit lately. Last month, the game's director claimed it was "one of the most successful live service games" after bringing in $2 billion since launch, and we also learnt that the now-defunct Roundhouse Studios is reportedly being merged into ESO developer ZeniMax Online Studios as part of Xbox's recent developer closures.

And, that's led us to one question for the Pure Xbox community: how many of you have actually played The Elder Scrolls Online since its launch a decade ago? Sure, that initial release was PC-only (the Xbox version arrived a year later in 2015), but even so, the game's been around for a while now and keeps on trucking with new expansions and the likes.

Personally, I'll admit that I only dabbled with the game right around its Xbox launch, and although there've been tons of updates and DLC packs since, I've just never had that urge to jump back in. I'm not sure why — an online Elder Scrolls game seems to tick plenty of boxes — but for whatever reason I've stayed away from it all these years.

Last year's return to Morrowind 'Necrom' expansion was certainly a tempting one, but ultimately, most of us at Pure Xbox still haven't got around to playing it since way back in 2015. But, how about you? Have you ever played ESO and if so, has it consistently been in your video game rotation?

Vote in the poll below and tell us about all your ESO voyages down in the comments section!

If You've Played ESO, What Do You Think Of It? (374 votes)

  1. It's amazing, I'd highly recommend it!16%
  2. It's good, definitely worth a try25%
  3. It's okay I guess16%
  4. It's pretty terrible to be honest6%
  5. I haven't played it, but I might one day14%
  6. I haven't played it, and I probably won't24%