Soapbox: 'Xbox Developer Direct' Needs To Return In Early 2024

The Game Awards 2023 is right around the corner at this point, with Geoff Keighley's big show landing on December 7th this year. While I enjoy what TGA brings to the table most years, it is a bit bloated these days, and its impending arrival is making me yearn for another Xbox Developer Direct event ASAP.

Like, sure, we'll probably get Xbox reveals in some fashion at TGA, even if they're third-party games, but January's Developer Direct was such a breath of fresh air as an Xbox fan. We've all been asking for a solely Xbox-focused event for years now, and it was great to see some of the Xbox teams communicate directly with us at the January event.

As we'll soon be ringing in 2024, I'd love for Microsoft to come out and announce another dev direct in the coming weeks. This year's livestream was sprung upon us somewhat, so I'm still holding out hope that another one is already in the works. The question is, what games should be shown off at the for-now hypothetical 2024 event?

We've got the likes of Hellblade 2 and Avowed that seem the furthest along within Xbox Games Studios, but projects like State of Decay 3 and Fable should be getting proper gameplay reveals soon as well. That's not to mention Bethesda and even Activision Blizzard - there's so much to highlight that another first-party Xbox event seems inevitable at some stage.

I quite like that January slot as well. Things start to calm down after the holiday releases / The Game Awards storm, and for Xbox to come out this year and just shadow drop Hi-Fi RUSH was such a big statement. More surprises like that please - it made for an amazing start to the year as an Xbox fan!

The format was pretty good too I thought. Yeah, we only got to see a few games in action but it was nice to harken back to the old E3 days where longer stage demos were the norm, and we actually got to see proper chunks of pre-release games in action. Whatever the lineup may be, I want to see real extended gameplay like we did this year - and none of that sizzle reel trailer nonsense!

Anyway, while The Game Awards is always an exciting time for new reveals, Xbox has so many games already revealed that I just want to see some of them in action. I reckon Developer Direct is a great way to show them off, and I sincerely hope the event makes its grand return this coming January.

What do you think? Do you hope that Xbox Developer Direct becomes a yearly tradition? Drop your thoughts down below.