Roundup: Here's What Was Revealed At June's Future Games Show
Image: The Entropy Centre

The most recent event in the Summer Game Fest 2022 calendar was the Future Games Show, which took place earlier today and featured over an hour of announcements for games across a wide variety of platforms, including Xbox.

So, what was announced? Here are the Xbox trailers from the Future Games Show June 2022:

Montage Of Upcoming Kwalee Games

Enjoy this fantastic montage of games from Kwalee, including a first look at Wildmender, Robobeat, Scathe and Die by the Blade.

Turbo Golf Racing Hits Xbox Game Pass This August

Turbo Golf Racing, which is launching into early access on August 4. There’s also a demo available right now on Steam and Xbox, so be sure to check it out after the show.

American Arcadia Gameplay Presentation

Thanks to Out of the Blue Games for this exclusive insight into the dark side of reality TV in American Arcadia, which is coming soon.

Alaskan Truck Simulator Hits Consoles In Q4 2022

We’re pleased to announce that a demo for Alaskan Truck Simulator is out now, and the game is coming to PC and consoles in Q4 2022.

The Entropy Centre Arrives On Xbox Later In 2022

The Entropy Centre, is coming to PC and consoles in 2022.

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator Launches In 2022

Enjoy this brand new gameplay trailer from Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator. First debuted at the Future Games Show in June 2022.

Bramble: The Mountain King Gameplay Presentation

The Future Games Show 2022, is proud to present an exclusive trailer for Bramble: The Mountain King, a puzzle platformer heavily inspired by Nordic folklore. Bramble: The Mountain King is coming soon to PC and consoles.

Enemy Of The State Reveal Trailer (2024)

Enemy of the State is coming to PC and consoles in 2024.

Bright Memory Infinite Is Coming Soon To Xbox

The Future Games Show 2022, is proud to present a new look at Bright Memory: Infinite, FYQD Studio’s hectic shooter.

The Last Faith Gameplay Trailer (Xbox In 2022)

The Last Faith is a gothic horror Metroidvania that looks like a pixelly version of Bloodborne.

Montage Of Upcoming Team17 Games

Time to check in with our friends from Team 17, who have a montage of exciting upcoming games that first debuted at the Future Games Show in June 2022.

Tinykin Releases On Xbox - August 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered what the bugs in your house are doing when you’re out? You might be surprised - complex governmental structures and organised religion. At least that’s the brief we got for Tinykin.

Serial Cleaners Arrives On Xbox This September

Serial Cleaners is launching in September on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

Airport Sim Is A 2023 Xbox Console Exclusive

Airport Sim is coming in to land on PC and Xbox Series X and S in 2023.

Arctic Awakening Gameplay Trailer - 2023

Arctic Awakening follows a pilot who crash lands in the arctic after his plane is chopped in half by mysterious forces. He also has a court-mandated therapy robot called Alfie.

Another Look At F1 Manager 2022 (August)

F1 Manager 2022 is coming out on August the 22nd and enjoy this new trailer showing off menu systems and improved graphics as you manage constructors, drivers and staff.

Divine Knock Out Is Coming Soon To Xbox

It's a third-person brawling fighter with an almost chibi-like art style featuring gods and mythology in 3-on-3 gameplay.

Xbox Exclusive 'Planet Of Lana' Gameplay Trailer (2022)

Enjoy this new trailer for Planet of Lana, coming to Steam and Xbox this year. Not only can you enjoy some platformer puzzle solving fun but also take in the beautiful water colour art style and story of a girl and her little monster companion and she traverses a land full of machines, monsters and maybe even some friends.

ILL Gameplay Trailer (No Word On Platforms Yet)

ILL Debuted this brand new gameplay trailer at the Future Game Show 2022. It's a first-person horror game in development on Unreal Engine 5.

What did you think of the Future Games Show June 2022 showcase? Let us know down below.