Reaction: Xbox's Commitment To Console Gaming Is Pleasing, But Big Questions Linger

The dust is beginning to settle on Xbox's big business event from yesterday, and in general we're feeling quite relieved that the initial drama is over. Xbox is clearly sticking around, especially when it comes to creating consoles and building towards another healthy generation in gaming. However, major questions still remain after yesterday's special podcast - especially in regards to the long-term future of the brand.

Let's talk about the good news first. Xbox's core strategy isn't changing in regards to exclusives, we have a next-gen console in the works that is aiming to deliver a huge technical leap over Xbox Series X|S, and the team has further committed to respecting our digital libraries moving forward. Job done then? Well, not quite.

There's a certain level of vagueness to a lot of what Xbox is talking about here. Yes, they've committed to more hardware and the importance of Xbox Game Pass, but there's an air of inevitability that Xbox becomes more multiplatform-focused over time. This doesn't feel like a huge problem in the here and now — it's been a part of Xbox's strategy for a while with PC — but we still can't help but think about whether there'll be a need for Xbox consoles years down the line.

Clearly, Phil Spencer & co. would like Sony to budge and also consider opening up more, but we do wonder if the PlayStation owner has much of a reason to extend over to Xbox. PlayStation consoles still sell quite a bit better than Xbox globally, and there's definitely more benefit taking Xbox games over to PlayStation than the other way around - even if Microsoft would like to see stuff like Helldivers 2 launch on their platform.

In general, it feels like PlayStation & PC launches will be a good strategy for Sony moving forward - and that'll make Sony's platform very inviting if Xbox franchises start appearing over there. Okay, sure, for now it's only four smaller titles going to PS5, but we're talking way down the line when Xbox considers taking bigger titles over to whatever the latest PlayStation system is. More games moving over is all hypothetical for now, but Microsoft's wording sure sounds like anything will be under consideration for the future!

And that's where we feel those questions still linger, even after the podcast. We're happy that Team Green has done its best to reassure fans for the time being, but there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty about Xbox's intentions for the future. Phil refusing to reveal the four games that are going to other consoles (even if they've since been reported on by various outlets) is symbolic of the strange messaging going on here.

Maybe we're overreacting considering Xbox's next-gen plans are locked in and the move to mobile & cloud gaming seems inevitable anyway, but yeah, we've left yesterday's collective Xbox hearing with mixed feelings. We're pleased that the team has committed to new consoles and preserving our digital libraries, but we still feel like we're not 100% sure on where Xbox will be in 10, 15 years. The journey will be interesting to say the least!

How do you feel about Xbox's messaging at the moment? Do you agree with what we've had to say here? Drop your thoughts on the situation down below.