Xbox Series X Internals

Update: It looks like we've got our answer! Microsoft has issued a statement today to various outlets suggesting that the price of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will remain the same - at least for the forseeable future.


Here's the full quote:

“We are constantly evaluating our business to offer our fans great gaming options. Our Xbox Series S suggested retail price remains from £249.99 and the Xbox Series X is from £449.99.”

Original story: Well, it's actually happened. After Meta announced last month that prices of its Quest 2 VR headsets would be going up, PlayStation has followed suit with its PS5 console prices. The cost of Sony's latest system is rising in some pretty key markets outside of the US, effective immediately. While this sort of move isn't totally unheard of, its quite an abnormality, especially in gaming hardware where prices tend to tumble after enough time on the market.

This got us thinking, is there any possibility Xbox could increase its own hardware prices moving forward? While the company has had a successful financial year, its last quarter was down on the one prior, with gaming revenue falling 6%. Of course, the cost of components combined with inflation rates are the biggest factors leading to price increases.

It's hardly an ideal situation, but Xbox could potentially be forced into following in the same footsteps as PlayStation, given the current economic situation. We'd like to think that the Xbox Series S would remain a low-cost option at £250 / $300, but the Xbox Series X could become too costly to produce for £450 / $500, or both of them could change! Hopefully, Xbox clarifies the pricing situation sooner rather than later.

But, what do you see happening? Will Xbox have to raise its console prices? What about its AAA games that still retail for $60? Or, will Microsoft take the hit to keep prices as they are across the board?

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Will Xbox Raise Its Prices?