We already posted about the incredible YouTube Video above, showing off as it does the Unreal Engine 5's startling capacity to make amazing replicas of real life locations, in this case a train station in Japan.

The new Unreal engine's Lumen lighting tech and ability to create ultra detailed shadow and texture effects show that, in the very near future, games could be about to get a whole lot more hard to separate from reality, and our minds are spinning with the potential possibilities.

We already know that the Unreal Engine 5 is being employed to power upcoming Witcher and Tomb Raider games - just imagine riding through Kaer Morhen or raiding some long-forgotten tombs with graphical detail on the same level as that shown above - but we can't help but go further than this, conjuring up all sorts of images of insanely atmospheric and utterly terrifying horror games, amazingly realistic racers and...well...can you imagine Grand Theft Auto looking like this?

Tw3 Kaer Morhen Valley

The train station demo that's set us off thinking about all of this was made by just one 3D environmental artist too, imagine what a full team of pros could conjure up with this tech at their fingertips. We're thinking about Dead Space here, Star Wars, Forza...the possibilities are endless and we can't help but feel pretty excited to see what's around the corner for gamers in terms of environmental realism, and how that realism feeds into and improves upon future video gaming experiences for us all.

But what do you reckon? What games can you think of that will really benefit from this level of photo-realism? Fancy a new Resident Evil that looks so real you can't bear to turn it on for fear of screaming the house down or soiling yourself? We sure as heck do!

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