The Etchu Daimon Station In Unreal Engine 5 Looks Real

A YouTube video showing off some very fancy Unreal Engine 5 tech demo work is currently doing the rounds online and, let us tell you, our minds are completely blown by this one.

The video, which is the work of 3D environmental artist Lorenzo Drago, shows a recreation of Etchū-Daimon Station train station in Toyama, Japan and it's pretty bewildering to behold. You can check the three minute demo out above and tell us if you too were having a very hard timing discerning the tech on display here from real life footage. There's honestly no way we would have known.

Drago used VR tech to control his movement through the scene and the modelling, textures lighting and animation involved are as close to photo-realistic as we've ever seen. It's truly impressive stuff that gives us a tiny glimpse into the sort of thing we can expect to see down the road in video games.

We've already seen Unreal Engine 5 at work in The Matrix Awakens on Series X, itself a hugely impressive of display of the new tech on offer, but this short display really drives home just how lifelike things can be expected to get. We can't wait to play some horror games made in this engine!

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