Poll: Star Wars Fans, What Do You Think Of The Battlefront Classic Collection?

It's now been a few weeks since the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection arrived on Xbox, and unfortunately it's suffered quite a lot of negative attention so far. In particular, issues with the game's servers led to a rough launch back in March, culminating in a pretty disappointing Metacritic average of 53 for Xbox (61 for PS5).

Here at Pure Xbox, we gave the Battlefront Classic Collection a "Not Bad" 6/10 in our review following some post-launch testing, which is a shame because we actually had more positive impressions about it prior to release!

"If you’re not in it for online play, and only want to participate in solo play and local multiplayer (or you simply want the original experience), we would argue the affordably priced backward compatibility versions are still more than enough. If you are really eager to relive the online battles of yesteryear on an even bigger scale though, the Classic Collection is the (only) way, so hopefully Apsyr can overcome these launch issues."

Things do seem to have improved since the release of the game's first patch recently, with a variety of features added back into the game and server issues cropping up less regularly, so hopefully that'll continue in the future.

Anyway, how are you personally finding this collection so far? Is this your first time with the old Star Wars Battlefront games, and what do you think of them if so? Alternatively, if you've been playing Battlefront for decades now, is the Battlefront Classic Collection worth its arguably high price tag? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

How Would You Grade The Battlefront Collection So Far?

We'd love to hear your first impressions about this new Star Wars Collection in the comments!