Poll: Are You Still Enjoying GTA 5 In 2023?

The big Xbox Game Pass arrival of this week has undoubtedly been GTA 5, which has returned to the service in the form of its Xbox One version as well as the "next-gen" upgrade for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

As a result, the game is expected to enjoy a massive surge in players - as if it needed any more of them! Even without Game Pass, GTA 5 continues to prove extremely popular, despite the fact it launched an entire decade ago.

With GTA 5's arrival on Xbox Game Pass in mind, we're interested to know if you're still enjoying the game on your Xbox console in 2023. Is it a game that you're still playing regularly? Has Game Pass dragged you back in? Has GTA Online captured your attention over the years, or have you stayed away because of the lack of Story Mode DLC?

We'd love to hear your thoughts as part of our latest poll, and if you haven't been enjoying GTA 5 for a while (or you've never even played it!), we're interested to know why that is - feel free to elaborate in the comments section!

Are you still enjoying GTA 5 in 2023? Tell us down in the poll and comments below.

Are You Still Enjoying GTA 5 In 2023? (432 votes)

  1. Yes, I'm still having a great time with it!27%
  2. It's pretty good still, yeah17%
  3. It's OK, not bad9%
  4. I'm not enjoying it that much anymore20%
  5. I think it's terrible to be honest!9%
  6. I've actually never played it...18%