Poll: Are You Interested In Buying The Black Xbox Series S?

We got a surprise hardware announcement during the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase in the form of the black Xbox Series S. Microsoft is introducing another version its all-digital console later this year - this time with a 'Carbon Black' finish and 1TB of internal SSD storage.

We think this is a no-brainer for Xbox to be honest; a $50 increase for a double-storage Series S to hit the market right as Starfield early access lands? The system feels like a slam dunk for Xbox and we could see it doing extremely well when the Starfield hype should be at fever pitch come September.

Having said that, most of us around these parts have probably already grabbed either an Xbox Series X or the base Series S at this point, and we're not sure how many existing owners will be tempted by this. Are you interested in buying the black Xbox Series S?

The system is certainly a solid option for users who may want to shift their launch day Series S on for extra internal storage - especially if those users would prefer a black console as well.

Of course, Xbox Series X hasn't always been easy to find in the last few years either, so we'll soon have another, cheaper 1TB Xbox console on the market for those who missed out on Microsoft's beefier machine during stock shortages.

Anyway, we want to know if you are interested in this thing, whether it be as an upgrade or a first-time Xbox Series buyer. Vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts on this surprise hardware reveal in the comments section.

Are You Tempted By The Carbon Black Xbox Series S? (677 votes)

  1. Yep, I'm going to pre-order this thing and add it to the collection!7%
  2. Yes, I'll probably end up trading my old console towards one7%
  3. I'm interested, but I don't really have a reason to grab it. Maybe one day!20%
  4. Nah, I think I'll stick with my base Xbox Series S19%
  5. Nope, I'm rocking the Series X!40%
  6. Xbox Series?! I'm still using Xbox One!8%