Poll: How Are You Finding Immortality On Xbox Game Pass So Far?

Yesterday was a big day for Xbox Game Pass, with four great games hitting the service. Immortality perhaps took the spotlight though, as it's been getting incredible reviews across the board, including here at Pure Xbox.

We gave Immortality a rare 10/10 score in our review, calling it a "cinematic masterpiece" for Game Pass:

"Immortality is easily Sam Barlow's best game to date and, when you consider the delights he's served up previously, well, you get an idea of just how good this one really is.

It's a dazzling display from any angle you to choose to admire it; top-notch acting, brilliant writing, a core mechanic that's complex but carried off with style and grace, intuitive controls that draw you into your role...just remember to avoid spoilers, dive into the mystery of Marissa Marcel completely unsullied, and you're in for one of the most exquisite gaming experiences of this year, or any other, by quite some distance."

We know that it's still early days and most Xbox Game Pass members won't have been able to finish the game yet, so we're not asking you to give us a score or anything for now. Instead, we're just curious to know if you're enjoying the concept of the game so far, or whether it's the sort of thing you're just not particularly interested in.

Please refrain from spoilers in the comments... you don't want to be spoiled with a game like this!

Are you enjoying Immortality on Xbox Game Pass so far? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Are You Enjoying Immortality?