Pick One: Which Of These Rare Replay Games Is Your Favourite?

It's time for another Pick One! This week, we're looking back at the outstanding Rare Replay collection that was released on Xbox One back in 2015, featuring the likes of Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark and Viva Piñata.

We conducted this exact same poll back in September of 2020, when Banjo-Kazooie ran out the comfortable winner with 33% of the vote, followed by Perfect Dark with 16% and Conker's Bad Fur Day with 9%.

More than 18 months later, will the top three be the same? Remember, you can only pick one!

You'll find a full list of games in the poll below.

Which is your favourite Rare Replay game? Let us know in the poll & comments below!

Which Is Your Favourite Rare Replay Game?