Pick One: What Was Your Favourite Xbox Game Pass Game In April?

It's time for another round of Pick One! With April now behind us, we're looking back at a somewhat busy month for Xbox Game Pass, featuring a couple of first-party additions to the library along with plenty of other day one releases.

This was the month in which we were finally were able to experience Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox for the first time, and Microsoft also brought us Minecraft Legends on April 18th as a brand-new Xbox Game Studios launch. Other highlights included The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Coffee Talk Episode 2 and various others.

So, what was the best Xbox Game Pass addition in April? Remember you can only pick one!

Let's take a look at what we're working with:

Best Xbox Game Pass Addition In April? (579 votes)

  1. Goat Simulator (April 4)3%
  2. Loop Hero (April 4)4%
  3. Everspace 2 - PC (April 6)3%
  4. Iron Brigade (April 6)1%
  5. Ghostwire: Tokyo (April 12)52%
  6. NHL 23 (April 13)4%
  7. Minecraft Legends (April 18)6%
  8. Coffee Talk Episode 2 (April 20)5%
  9. Medieval Dynasty (April 20)5%
  10. Homestead Arcana (April 21)  0.9%
  11. Cassette Beasts - PC (April 26)2%
  12. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition (April 27)2%
  13. The Last Case of Benedict Fox (April 27)11%

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