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    Xbox One

    Review Soul Axiom

    Soul survivor? It's in your hands...

    Soul Axiom is a first person perspective puzzle game, first released for the PC back in February this year by Wales Interactive. Now released on to the console market, can this story driven puzzler cut the mustard, or does it earn itself a raspberry? The game begins as it means to go on, as your character...


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    Xbox One

    Review Coffin Dodgers

    Over the hill

    It's been a while since we were in the era of a new licenced kart racer turning up every week. On the back of Super Mario Kart's success, pretty much every publisher decided that games of that type were easy to make and ship, most of them overlooking the things that made Nintendo's evergreen champion just as good as it was and still...


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    Xbox One

    Review Infinity Runner

    Travelling without moving

    One type of game that until now has yet to make the jump to Xbox One – some would say thankfully – is the endless runner. Made popular by the likes of Temple Run and a billion other pretenders on mobile devices, the genre has yet to really get a foothold on any home console platform. This is more than likely due to the...