• Review Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (Xbox One)

    Into the depths

    It has to be said that there can be few people who weren't salivating at the prospect of a new game set in the Saints Row universe being released for less than £16. Even fewer when you consider that the new title would also be available with a rehashed edition of the excellent Saints Row IV for less than £40 for the pair. Indeed,...


  • Review Country Dance All Stars (Xbox 360)

    Saddle up

    If you’ve always wanted to play Dance Central but prefer twangy guitars and cowboy hats over Lady Gaga, you'd better strap on your cowboy boots and bolo tie because Country Dance All-Stars is your game. Eschewing the top 40 pop assortment of modern hits, Country Dance All-Stars serves up a Texas-sized helping of country songs from such...


  • Review Nickelodeon Dance (Xbox 360)


    There's no end of dancing games on Kinect, but each occupies a small subsection of the genre. Nickelodeon Dance joins Just Dance Kids at the very youngest end of the spectrum, and if you've got little ones who like to get jiggy it might be worth a look. As you'd expect, Nickelodeon Dance is a collection of catchy kids' pop tunes from...

  • Review Victorious: Time to Shine (Xbox 360)

    No boys allowed

    Licensed games always tend to be less accessible than those based on original intellectual property. The barrier to entry is even higher when, as grown men, we must tackle games that are based on television shows designed for young girls. Still, we soldier on in the name of our craft. Victorious: Time to Shine is based on the...


  • Review Nicktoons MLB (Xbox 360)

    Not quite a home run

    With the real MLB season coming to a close, the sport is rapidly approaching its Toy Story moment: when no one is around to see, what happens to all the players? They're recruited by Nickelodeon, apparently, for a simplistic and, despite its best efforts, charming take on America's pastime. Nicktoons MLB falls under the same...