• News Fruit Ninja Kinect Release Date and Price Confirmed

    Coming to fruition in August

    We love Fruit Ninja Kinect here at Kinectaku — that much should be obvious from our exhaustive Fruit Ninja Kinect preview. Thankfully, the rest of you will be lucky enough to experience this amazing title on the 10th of August, because it's being launched as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2011. The Big M has just...

  • First Impressions Fruit Ninja Kinect

    Ripening nicely

    If you happen to own a modern smartphone then you’ve probably already sampled the delights of Halfbrick’s amazing Fruit Ninja. The game has now registered over 20 million downloads across mobile formats, and rightly so — it’s one of those unique titles that takes a very basic premise (in this case, the slicing and dicing of...