• Review Let's Cheer! (Xbox 360)

    Let's not

    2K Play's Let's Cheer! isn't the first cheerleading game in the world — there was We Cheer on Wii a few years back, for instance — but it is the first that doesn't need anything in your hand to get you into the game. Is that enough to make it worth a purchase, though? As you'd expect from a game based on pep, everything is bright and...


  • Review Carnival Games - In Action! (Xbox 360)

    All the fun of the fair

    Kinect's already got a reputation for being home to some awful minigame compilations, with dross like Game Party in Motion and Deca Sports Freedom like a lead weight on the overall quality of the sensor's gaming catalogue. You'd be forgiven, then, for expecting Carnival Games: In Action (also known as Carnival Games: Monkey...