• Review Resident Evil 0 (Xbox One)

    A worthy resurrection

    It's hard to talk about Resident Evil 0 without mentioning the Resident Evil remake that graced gamers back in 2002 on Gamecube and again in last year's excellent HD port. It's entirely possible for some to dismiss RE 0 as the inferior game when weighing pros and cons. For instance, the new playable characters aren't as...


  • Review Mega Man Legacy Collection (Xbox One)

    Cheap Man

    When Capcom first announced that they'd be bringing a collection of Mega Man games to modern consoles, everyone was a little bit light-headed at the prospect of the sheer number of titles that the package would contain. Given that the core series debuted with the original Mega Man on the NES in 1987 and saw its last release in 2010 with...




  • Review Resident Evil (Xbox One)

    REmake. REmastered. REmarkable

    The Resident Evil name doesn't quite hold the same weight it once did. While Resident Evil 4 is widely accepted as the peak of the franchise, it also marked the beginning of a series that would continually struggle to find an identity in the years to follow. So perhaps Capcom's decision to remaster the GameCube remake...


  • Review Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One)

    Dead fun.

    If you're a fan of the original title and the sequel, then Dead Rising 3 is going to impress and please you. The series' intriguing lore and storyline, over the top, ridiculous psycho boss battles, and oodles of extravagant combo weapons are all present and accounted for, enhanced further by the Xbox One's powerful hardware. Dead Rising 3...


  • Review DuckTales Remastered (Xbox 360)

    Rewriting History

    Back in 1989, the original DuckTales was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System to great acclaim, and set a new standard for what could be expected of a licensed game. Even to this day, it's so highly regarded by many, that the retro-tastic people of WayForward and Capcom decided to give it a fresh coat of paint, and...


  • Review Capcom Arcade Cabinet (Xbox 360)

    Once more, with feeling.

    Another year goes by, and another game publisher has a notable birthday. This year, Capcom is celebrating the formation of its business 30 years ago, in 1983. To mark the occasion, they’re releasing a series of classic arcade titles on Xbox Live Arcade. We assume that when their 35th birthday rolls around during the next...


  • Review Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (Xbox 360)

    Wreck warrior

    On paper, it seemed like a recipe for disaster. How could Capcom possibly take the Steel Battalion series — famed for its intimidating controller and unwavering adherence to hardcore, hard-as-nails gameplay — and condense it into a motion-controlled game on a platform that is beloved by casual players and loathed by ‘proper’...