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News: Titanfall 2 Teased in New Trailer

Titanfall 2 Teased in New Trailer

What a big sword you have

It has been known for some time that Respawn Studios have been readying up for a sequel to their early Xbox One exclusive Titanfall and the wait is nearly over for more news. A brief teaser trailer released by Electronics Arts reveals that more will be shown at their upcoming event on 12th June...

E3 2015: Titanfall Joins EA Access Vault

Titanfall Joins EA Access Vault

Shots fired...

EA have completely outfoxed us and added a new game to the EA Access Vault. A couple of days ago, we reported that a new game was going to join the Vault, which is where games that are playable with your EA Access subscription live. Given that EA Access comes with a 10% discount on all DLC EXCEPT FOR Titanfall, we figured some deal...

News: You Won't Be Getting Your Hands on Titanfall 2 in 2015

You Won't Be Getting Your Hands on Titanfall 2 in 2015

EA confirms targets

During the latest EA earnings call - the highlights of which we've documented here - the company confirmed a slew of titles and their projected release dates. What they didn't cover in their 2016 fiscal year list though, is Titanfall 2. Instead, they reserved that for a special mention, stating that "you should assume that is...

News: Titanfall: Update 8 Breakdown

Titanfall: Update 8 Breakdown

It ain't over until Respawn says its over!

Titanfall shocked and amazed Xbox Owners when it first hit the scene nearly a year ago. Shooter fans had rarely seen something as fast-paced and awe-inspiring as running across a wall to board a hundred and fifty foot tall robot that they’d just then called to drop from orbit. Since then, we’ve seen...

Review: Titanfall - IMC Rising (Xbox One)

Titanfall - IMC Rising (Xbox One)

The final DLC pack

The third and final DLC pack for Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall was released this week, but is it worth your time and money? Well, IMC Rising is consistent with previous expansions, bringing us three new maps each with their own theme that help to further our understanding of events unfolding after the conclusion of the...

News: Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC Releases Tomorrow on Xbox One

Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC Releases Tomorrow on Xbox One

The end is nigh!

Rejoice, pilots! Electronic Arts has just confirmed that the third and FINAL DLC pack for Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall will be available… tomorrow! That's right, as of September 25th, IMC Rising will be accessible to Xbox One players (no official date has been given for the 360 version) including the three distinct and...

News: Titanfall: IMC Rising - Final Map Sand Trap Detailed

Titanfall: IMC Rising - Final Map Sand Trap Detailed

Don't get caught in the...

The third map from the third, and final Titanfall DLC pack IMC Rising was detailed today by Respawn Entertainment. Entitled "Sand Trap," the plot placement details on this one are sparse, yet we have found quite a lot of design and play-based info to share with you. Respawn Level Designer Chris Dionne said: One of my...

News: New Titanfall: IMC Rising Map Details

New Titanfall: IMC Rising Map Details

Get in the zone, and... moonshine?

As we reported in our post-Gamescom coverage, the third and final DLC pack - NOT the final update, rest assured Pilots - for Titanfall, entitled IMC: Rising will be releasing later this year. First appearing on Xbox One then shortly after, the Xbox 360. This week ,Respawn Entertainment has hit us up with some great...

News: Titanfall Update 6 Revisited

Titanfall Update 6 Revisited

Who needs Titans?

As we reported in August, the sixth and presumably last update for Titanfall before the IMC Rising DLC releases hit our Xbox consoles quite silently earlier this month. So, let's examine the changes and additions, major and minor, that this update has provided us. First and foremost, the giant robot in the room… Pilot Skirmish...

News: Titanfall Update 6 Breakdown

Titanfall Update 6 Breakdown

No Titans Allowed

A slew of details were announced today by Respawn Entertainment regarding Update 6 for Titanfall, expected to be released in early September. The most interesting new addition for most fans will be Pilot Skirmish mode, which, unlike Pilot Hunter, will exclude Titans, Spectres, and Grunts, as well as double the number of players...