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Review: Battleborn (Xbox One)

Battleborn (Xbox One)

Not Today, Geoff...

Battleborn is - as you probably already know and as the box art trumpets - is from Gearbox, the same people who made Borderlands. The question is, can this new game make the same kind of splash that Borderlands did? Mixing seemingly disparate elements from the world of FPS, RPG and MOBA, does it blend into a delicious smoothie,...

News: Battleborn Xbox One Open Beta Dates Confirmed

Battleborn Xbox One Open Beta Dates Confirmed

Get ready

2k's upcoming FPS Battleborn is heading for an open beta - as expected - that's due to kick off at 7am PST on April 13th on Xbox One, running until the same time on April 18th. In the beta, you'll be able to jump in alone or team up with up for up to 5-player co-op or 2-player split-screen couch co-op, as you play through two Story Mode...

E3 2015: New Battleborn Screenshots, Trailer, Game Details

New Battleborn Screenshots, Trailer, Game Details

Born for battle

2k Games have sent through a plethora of new imagery and information for their upcoming title (as well as a shiny new trailer) for their upcoming title Battleborn. The company has confirmed that Gearbox Software's latest title will include 25 playable heroes, a story mode that can be played alone or with up to five friends either in...

News: Battleborn Trailer Drops Prior to E3

Battleborn Trailer Drops Prior to E3

A sneaky peek

This E3 is shaping up to be so filled with great games that publishers are releasing trailer after trailer to whet our appetite prior to the main event. Today, Gearbox Software released more information on their new IP Battleborn with a new video. In the developers' own words on their website: A tremendous band of badass heroes...

News: Gearbox Unveils Battleborn

Gearbox Unveils Battleborn

From Borderlands' 'shooter-looter' to Battleborn's 'hero-shooter'

Gearbox Software's next project has been unveiled and announced as Battleborn. The game is to be set in a distant fantasy future and focused around a group of warriors coming together and overlooking their differences in order to save their universe's last star and stop a growing and...