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Gamescom 2015: Xbox One Chatpad Announced

Xbox One Chatpad Announced

Get Chatty!

Gamescom 2015 is in full swing following Microsoft's press conference in Cologne and there were plenty of hardware announcements alongside those about games. One such announcement was that Microsoft are bringing a Chatpad to market for use with the Xbox One controller. A stable part of Xbox 360, the Chatpad affords players a much easier...

Accessory Review: Sumo Omni Reloaded

Sumo Omni Reloaded


Just last week we reviewed the Sumo Sultan Bean Bag and expressed our overall satisfaction with the unit. While a bean bag might not be a traditional gaming accessory, we do believe – in this case at least – it’s something that can greatly enhance all those hours spent in front of the television. Today we’re taking a look at...

Accessory Review: Sumo Sultan Bean Bag

Sumo Sultan Bean Bag

It's what's on the inside that counts

With as much time as we — as gamers — spend basking in the glow of illuminated screens, it's important to have seating comfortable enough to accommodate our frequent and often lengthy sessions. Sure, a run-of-the-mill couch works just fine, and even plopping down on the floor gets the job done in a pinch,...

News: PDP Adds Privacy Screen to Kinect Stand

PDP Adds Privacy Screen to Kinect Stand

Tin foil sales to plummet.

Accessories manufacturer PDP has announced a new stand for your Xbox One Kinect sensor, that comes with an interesting feature - a privacy screen. When the stand is in place atop your TV, you can slide over a screen that blocks the RBG and IR cameras, preventing <insert name of whoever you're scared of here> from...

News: Microsoft Defends Lack of Bundled Headset with Xbox One

Microsoft Defends Lack of Bundled Headset with Xbox One

You don't need that! You've got Kinect!

Microsoft has thrown out some sandbags and jumped into the trenches to defend its decision to not include a headset with the Xbox One console. A headset will be available at launch, but will be sold separately (price unconfirmed as yet), and this has given people cause to complain due to the fact that the...

E3 2013: Xbox One Headset Images Emerge

Xbox One Headset Images Emerge

Meet the new headset. Same as the old headset.

Microsoft has released the first images of the official Xbox One Chat Headset that will come bundled with your Xbox One console. Also, the first images of the Play 'N Charge kit have surfaced, too. We know, exciting, huh? Some folks will be interested, and that's why we're posting it. As far as the...

News: Microsoft Updates 320GB Drive Bundle

Microsoft Updates 320GB Drive Bundle

New Games Included

Microsoft has passed on a nugget of information regarding an update to their standalone 320GB HDD package. Previously, if you were to buy a 320GB HDD standalone, it came complete with a code to download Lego Star Wars III, but that's changed. In March, packs will be heading to retail that come bundled with digital copies of the...