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E3 2016: Microsoft Announces Phantom Dust for Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

From out of nowhere

During this evening's Microsoft segment of YouTube's Live at E3 show, Microsoft's General Manager of Game Publishing Shannon Loftis announced a new title that didn't make it into their E3 press conference.

That title is Phantom Dust.

This iteration of the psuedo card-battler is a remaster of the original Xbox title with upgrades to assets and changes including the inclusion of "Draft Decks" meaning that players can get into the action more quickly. Of course, new Xbox Live features will be included, with Loftis specificially commenting on how the game is "perfectly suited" to things such as online multiplayer and Microsoft's new Xbox competition system, Xbox Live Arenas.

Phantom Dust hits Xbox One in 2017, it'll also be a Play Anywhere title, so it'll be available for Windows 10 at the same time.

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Souldin said:

I wish they showed this during the conference, but alas, I'm just happy to hear that the game is still being worked on. Phantom Dust had me really interested when it came out, and I'm pleased to hear of it's continued existence and planned release.

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